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"George blew us away with the conceptual thinking, the business strategy and product expertise"

   Managing Partner at TMT Connekt

Download a presentation delivered at Digital Supply Chains 4.0 in Melbourne, Oct 16th, 2018 


thanks for dropping in.

I'm George, a trusted advisor and business consultant. Since 2006, I have been helping  executives & businesses harness the power of the digital revolution. You can find me quite lyrical over a coffee. I live in Sydney, Australia

Why you should care about the digital revolution

Our world is transforming beyond digital. Strategy, design, technology and operations no longer have boundaries. Collaboration, creativity and customer centricity define the new workplace. Incremental thinking stalls progress in a data-driven exponential age, defined by automation, artificial intelligence, event-driven decisioning, robotics, consumer activism and advocacy.

Gen Z do not use their smartphones to make calls. Universities are struggling to keep pace with the demand for new skills needed to support a digital economy. 30 % of the courses taught will be irrelevant by graduation time. Organisations struggle to engage millennials who refuse to work 9 - 5 in cubicals as their parents did. Boardrooms that live in disconnected reality are a threat to stakeholders and society. Businesses need to rethink and refresh core capabilities in order to be relevant in the digital age. 

To deliver on digital outcomes, organisations need strong collaborative customer and cross functional stakeholder engagement to take concepts to execution, deliver design-led outcomes aligned to organisational goals such as improved customer experience, revenue growth and cost reduction. In complex business environments with competing silos and globally distributed teams, these initiatives become increasingly challenging and requires leadership and experience.

Digital leadership in particular, requires strategic and hands-on involvement when leading teams as they use unstructured approaches such as user-centred design (e.g. design thinking), rapid prototyping, agile ways of working and co-creation models for delivering solutions for consumer experience,

up-sell, cross-sell, delivery of content, products and services .

These are areas I work in.

I am also an author , speaker and am passionate about a number of causes that grounds me and make life worthwhile.

Join my mission, get in touch

I am here to help.

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