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I share my knowledge and experiences in digital, media, technology & innovation themes at conferences, as an invited guest of my clients, universities or in informal settings . The topics I have enjoyed speaking on are "Everything is an app; beating Apple and Google at its own game", "Understanding Digital Consumer behaviour", and some of my book themes including "solving developmental challenges by harnessing a billion minds"

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Speaking & Media 

  • Business disruption

  • Data mining risks 

  • Fostering an innovation culture

  • Enabling a connected digital journey

  • iOT for banks 

1) Digital Supply Chains 4.0                          2) The Age, February 16, 2015 What's Changing, What's Not             Is your business ripe for disruption?

October 16th, 2018

3) In the Black, February 02, 2015

Is data mining riddled with risk or a natural hazard of the internet?

4) Avnet Asia Pacific IT leadership Summit, October 7-10 October 2015,

Hong Kong

Topic: Fostering an innovation culture

5) Gartner Symposium, October 26 - 29,  2015, Gold Coast, Australia

Topic: Enabling a Connected Digital Journey 

6) IDC Internet of Things, November 10, 2015, Auckland, NZ

Topic: Delivering iOT through collaborative innovation

7) Westpac Commercial & Business Banking Technology Townhall,

November 16, 2015, Sydney 

Topic: Understanding what iOT can do for banks

  • Beacon technology for retail

  • Customer experience

  • Apple Pay

  • Benchmarking social media returns

  • What CIOs need to know about Social Media

1)  The Australian, November 11, 2014

Woolworths trials beacon specials in super markets


2), October 15, 2014

All abroad the customer experience 

3), November 28, 2014 
Australia is well prepared for Apple Pay

4) The Internet Show, Melbourne,  April 30 - May 1, 2012, Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Center, Australia
Topic: Benchmarking Return on Social Media

5) 2012 NZ CIO Summit, June 25th - 26th, 2012, Skycity Convention Center, Auckland, NZ
Topic: What should CIOs know about Social Media

6) BuPA IT Leadership Offsite, April 24, 2012,  BuPA Offices, Melbourne
Topic: Benchmarking return on Social Media

  • What if everything is an App

  • State of the nation: India

  • Why Digital Consumers are lovable

  • Opportunities in innovating in India

  • Commercialising innovation in India

  • What if everything is an App

  • State of the nation: India

  • Why are Digital Consumers lovable

  • Opportunities in innovating in India

  • Commercialising innovation in India

1)  Asia Link, July 25th, 2013, Sydney

Topic: State of the Nation India, Panel


2) Telstra Innovation Series, May 9th, 2013, Theatrette, 242 Exhibition St, Melbourne. Topic: "Everything is an App".   

3) Bluechilli Fridays, March 22nd, 2013, York Street, Sydney
Topic: "Why I love Digital Consumers"

4) R V Institute of Management, December 2010, Bangalore
     Topic: Opportunities and Challenges in Innovation in India

5) Advance Emerging Leaders Summit, May 2010, New Delhi
     Topic: Collaborating with India on the Commercialisation of Innovation

6) World Emerging Multinationals Congress, November 2009, New York
Topic: How India is becoming an Innovation Super Power


7) Australian Economic Forum, September 23, 2011Topic: International Issues and India's role

  • Global innovation trends

  • Building an innovation network

  • Global Competence & Sustainability

  • Managing Innovation in services 

  • Harnessing a billion people with innovation mindset

1. Series of articles in Forbes

a) The locus of innovation has shifted away from the U.S.  Nov 1, 2011

b) A new pecking order: cellphones, air conditioners & roads  Nov 2,2011

c) Emerging markets are still difficult for entrepreneurs Nov 11, 2011

2) Advance Women's Leadership Summit,  March  7 - 8,  2011, Sydney Opera House, Australia
Topic: Building an innovation network

3) National Conference on Global Competence and Sustainability, April 7 - 8, 2011, Bangalore, India

Keynote: Role of Innovation in Global Competence and Sustainability (via Video conference)

4) SmartServices CRC,   April 20, 2011, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
Keynote: Managing Innovation in the Services context

5) Australia India Business Council NSW Young Professionals Forum,  May 18, Sydney, Australia
Panel Discussion: The Opportunities and Challenges with working in India

6) Haggai Institute for Advanced Leadership Skills- International, June 23 - 29, 2011, Hawaii, USA
Topic: Leadership workshops on Goal Setting

7) Talking India Series, Indian Ocean and South Asia Research Network, September 8, 2011, Sydney (Invited), University of Technology Sydney (UTS)
Topic: The potential of a billion people with an innovation mindset


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