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I specialise in three areas:

  1. Assessments, Evaluations & Roadmaps

  2. Product Design & Service Design 

  3. Digital Delivery & Project Execution 


Representative Clients

Mobile Phone
Assessments, Evaluations & Roadmaps

I deliver actionable insights and advice to senior executives on business strategies, operational improvements, selection and evaluation of technology partners & their solutions.

I conduct business, functional and operational analyses resulting in deliverables such as strategic plans, current/future state analyses, scenario planning, business case development, solution design and RFPs.

Illustrative client experience:

  • Delivered blueprint for a digital sales and service banking platform as a service (PaaS).

  • Advised a start-up on business & pricing model for a new digital product for developing markets 

  • Defined divestment & de-risking strategy for a US information services company operating in Australia.

  • Selected a CMS system for an Australian publisher through an RFP process and vendor evaluation

  • Developed value realisation strategy from technology investments for a mid-sized Australian customer communications company that offer customer communications, essential mail and direct marketing.

  • Defined e-commerce implementation strategy and solution for digital and physical assets for a Singapore based media company.

Service Design 


I systematically assemble solutions to complex business problems leveraging design principles, agile ways of working, domain knowledge, technology solutions, harnessing teams, and sourcing internal and external expertise.

I deliver service design blueprints, experience maps, archetypes, service transference audits, compelling proof of concepts, prototypes and MVPs.

Illustrative client experience:

  • Conceptualised, designed and delivered an AI based collaboration tool for maintenance. 

  • Defined an MVP for a corporate cash management product for a Big4 Bank.

  • Defined and prototyped UX to solve device & , channel silos for an Australian Telco.

  • Prototyped “everything is an app” concept to define future ways of working for an Australian Telco

  • Defined a service that drives revenues through B2B and advertising models via web, tablets and smartphones for global entertainment brand in Japan

  • Defined Track & trace solution strategy and standards for the cargo operations of Montreal based International travel association.

  • Defined a service incorporating a knowledge solution to improve first call resolution for B2B service desks for an Australian telco.

Product & Project Management ​


I manage products and projects for clients that need a laser sharp focus on execution. These typically have a digital outcome or technology driven business result. 

Most of the products & projects I have done have originated on the drawing board progressing to business cases, initial strategy definition, selection of vendors, budgeting, resourcing and day to day execution till closure. ​

Illustrative client experience:

  • Concept to delivery of AI products to market.

  • Set up and ran a $ 15 mn digital program of work to lay the foundations, modernize and launch 30 + new global marketing websites managing 30 to 40 people including tier 1 vendors. Delivered Phase 1 successfully. 

  • Stood up a program resourced to deliver 4 digital projects. Successfully ran RFPs for two vendors, managed five.

  • Project managed the delivery of CX strategy for a global medical device company.

  • Instituted enterprise governance practices including setting up of a CIO function and technology organization structure for a marketing communications firm

  • Defined an operating model for one of the big four Australian banks to improve time to market for new mobile apps.

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